Upcoming Events

  • October 3

    Benefit Concert – Dance PLUS

    A spicy evening of exquisite live music (saxophone, piano, African Drums) paired with classic, modern, and contemporary dance. This benefit concert will lift you UP!! 20% of all ticket sales goes to Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

  • October 3

    From Pittsburgh to Ferguson: Hip Hop and the Criminalization of Black Youth

    Is there a connection between the criminalization of Black youth by mass media and law enforcement surrounding events in Ferguson, Missouri and similar events surrounding Black youth in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? On October 3, 2014, 1Hood Media, will host a conversation that seeks to answer this question, as well as other questions surrounding the portrayal of Black youth, Hip Hop’s responsibility in this issue, and the militarization of local law enforcement as they mobilize against Black youth.

  • October 4

    Bring It Dance Off

    Bring It Dance Off is a battle to see what dance group is first place in Pittsburgh. They will be battling head-to-head, fighting for the first place spot. 

  • October 5

    Discussion and Dance: Works-in-progress with Jamie Erin Murphy and Shana Simmons

    Join Jamie Erin Murphy and Shana Simmons for Discussion and Dance. Come see and talk about the new works-in-progress the two Pittsburgh based choreographers are sharing at Alloy Studios!

Classes + Workshops

  • Saturday Mornings

    The Alloy School: Fall Classes

    The Alloy School, a program of the Kelly Strayhorn Theater, offers non-competitive community classes for children ages 3 to 12 years. This fall classes include two new additions, SOUNDWAVES and Imrov Theatre/Acting. Classes run from September 13 to October 18 and are held at 5530 Penn Avenue in Friendship, entrance on Stratford Ave. Each offering is just *$5.

  • Wednesdays

    Gino Vaccaro Hip Hop Dance

    Hip Hop Dance Class! This is a high-intensity, choreography-based dance class where students will be exploring elements of breaking, popping, jazz-funk, and floor work. All levels are welcome, however previous dance experience is encouraged.

  • October 9

    Master Class with Hind Benali

    Join Moroccan dance makers Hind Benali and Soufiane Karim for a class that focuses on the incorporation of traditional motifs and structures – including belly dancing – as a means to developing a bold and articulate personal kinetic vocabulary.